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Closing credits of the Andy Warhol's movie "Poor Little Rich Girl".

Mazda Isphahan is the name of the ongoing, since 2018, performance art piece as well as my artistic pseudonym inspired by the nickname given Edie Sedgwick by Andy Warhol in his film "Poor Little Rich Girl" (1965). 


In the performance art piece, I attempt to give Edie Sedgwick a second life.

Andy Warhol with his superstars including Edie were precursors of something that is called a social media today. He filmed people doing, regular, daily activities.

That's something like social media stars actually do today.


If Edie was alive, she would have definitely used social media as a way to express herself.

To document my performance I use a social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to post events from my life as Edie Sedgwick.






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